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A niche opportunity

So taking a leaf out of my literary and radio idol Danny Wallace’s book, a few years ago I said ‘yes’ to an advert asking if I’d like to host a radio show on a local station. With absolutely no experience in doing radio, a limited and appalling taste in music but a wealth of misplaced enthusiasm, I did it.

Right, to the point of my post. I’ve had absolutely no emails or anything for ages, until yesterday. An email popped up that said ‘Presenter’ as the subject, and with summer holidays coming up and knowing Phil and Holly don’t work school holidays, I opened it expecting big things.


‘Morning Ben!

Are you interested in presenting?

Might you be interested in a very niche on-camera gig?’

YES! I am interested. I replied quickly asking for more information, and the reply came back even quicker.

‘Hi Ben,

Thanks for getting back to me.

Sure, I’ll cut straight to the chase…’

Intriguing, I though…

‘I am a member of a large, but very private, male nudist group. We’ve not been able to meet up for almost two years (like everyone).

Throughout the COVID pandemic, we’ve all been recording home videos, because we thought it would be fun to edit these together into a bit of an extended montage (we have hundreds of hours of footage).

We’d like someone — a naked presenter/host — to link the videos together with on-screen and voiceover clips. This is a very special project, so we want someone who’s up to the job, and I presume, as you’re a professional, that you are! :)’.


Absolutely not.

I’ve listened to Danny Wallace and Phil Hilton's excellent podcast Manatomy, and even though it shows that we should be proud of, and own our bodies, I am not hosting a collection of nudist videos for peoples private collections.

The pay wasn’t bad though. (If anyone wants to host a nudist home video collection, I can pass on your details).

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