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Height: 5"11   |   Eye Color: Green   |   Hair Color: Light Brown

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my site!

So, a little about me. Currently, I play rhythm guitar in a band in North Wales, giving me many years of experience performing in front of people. I thoroughly enjoy it, which is good!


Aside from that I am a keen writer, blogger and currently host a radio show on a local radio station, and soon to be recording a podcast. This has been something completely different for me, and it's been an excellent experience - our show has had some lovely feedback too and I'm pleased to see it continue to grow.


So far, I have managed to gain experience as an extra - and thoroughly enjoyed this. I have also had experience on stage with a few smaller acting roles. I can’t pretend I’m not new to all this, but I can guarantee I’m incredibly keen to succeed.


I'm an easy going, hard working guy, and get on with people well. I'm eager to learn as much as possible and I'm determined to make a success of this. I’d love to hear from you, chat and show you what I can do! 



Splash Radio   |   Saturday Mornings on Splash   |   2018 - 2019  |   Lead presenter

Sound Radio   |   Saturday Mornings on Sound.  |.  2019 - present | Lead presenter


Shorts   |   Fiver   |   2019

Shorts   |.  Keys.  |.  2019

 Special Skills 

Aside from what I have mentioned above, I have a degree in psychology and a PGCE in Primary Education. I have excellent skills in audio and video production and I'm constantly looking to develop these. Within our band, I have developed an excellent understanding of social media, and how to best use it.

There's more I'm sure, but if you have any questions, please get in touch!

Thanks! Message sent.

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